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Revitol Anti Aging Kit Reviews

I have created my Revitol anti aging kit reviews to know why Revitol products have so many complaints coming from unhappy consumers.  Does it mean that a company as big as Revitol does scam?

I created this review to know the truths behind its popularity.  Also, I have been intrigued about the complaints of previous customers, so I would like to do some research, test and interviews to uncover the truth.

At the end of this Revitol anti aging kit reviews, I we will know if those complaints are just coming from personal biases or if the product itself is indeed a rip off.  I interviewed two users of the product for this Revitol anti aging kit review.  The first one is Denise; a friend who happens to be unhappy about the product.  The other Revitol user is Linda, an officemate who have been using the skin care line for 6 months now.

Linda is very satisfied with what the Revitol line can do.  She said that she started seeing the results in as early as 3 weeks.   She even mentioned that I have to do a positive Revitol anti aging kit review so I can help those who haven’t found the right anti aging face creams yet.

Well, it certainly is not the case of Denise; obviously she wanted a negative feedback on my Revitol anti aging kit review.  She said that the product was not delivered properly and there were no instructions on how to use the product.  She was actually confused on which one to use first.  I am sure you have heard about the product, it has an anti-wrinkle serum, the anti wrinkle complex and the moisturizer.

Also, she mentioned in my Revitol anti aging kit review that she received the package in a thin bag causing one of the bottle to have a small fissure.  To make matters worse, she said that the email customer support does not reply immediately.  The reply will take 36 hours so she stopped the attempt of complaining and just used the product instead.

But when I asked her about the effectiveness of the product line, she said the effects are showing after three weeks.  I can see it indeed and she has been using the product for a month when I did my Revitol anti aging kit review.

So, her issue is more on the handling issue and customer support.  I think the product works.



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So what makes Revitol anti aging kit do the job?

I have done my research and the answer is simple; it’s the potent ingredients that have been carefully formulated that do the job.

There are three key ingredients that greatly help in anti aging and wrinkle removal.  These are Ibedenone, Argireline and Matrixyl.

  • Ibedenone is an extraordinary kind of anti oxidant according to skin care experts.  Ibedenone protects the skin from damage as well as it also shields your skin from signs of aging.  If you still don’t know this, most skin problems comes from dry skin.  Ibedenone will help guard your skin and it will keep it hydrated.  It is no secret to skin care but an effective moisturizer can effectively eliminate wrinkles in a matter of weeks.
  • Argireline is supposed to be a substitute for botox.  To prevent wrinkles, Argireline works the facial muscles (in a good way).   This peptide does the thing just like what botox does but without the injection.
  • Matrixyl is believed to regenerate collagen production.  Most of us know that deep lines and wrinkles are caused by decreasing collagen in our skin.  If this ingredient is doing what it’s supposed to do then you can truly achieve the goal of getting 10 years younger.

How to use these 3 kinds of anti aging products?

The anti wrinkle complex and anti wrinkle serum should be applied on over the neck and face before you start your day’s work or before going to sleep.  One to two pumps will do, and then slowly massage it over the face.  As for the moisturizing cream, all you have to do is place a small amount of cream on your fingertips and thoroughly massage your face.  You can do it on both day and night.

One important info in my Revitol anti aging kit review is you can use the moisturizer and the serum even with makeup.  This will make your life easier if you are the busy type.


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The advantages and the disadvantages uncovered in my Revitol anti aging kit reviews?


The product has no reported side effects Revitol Anti Aging Kit Reviews

It is an anti wrinkle solution that has been prove to work

Not complicated to useIt can be ordered via internet with secured server

Their combo package at $99.95 is cheaper compared to other brandsMore importantly,

it has a 90 day money back guarantee


You have to use 3 products.  I know one wrinkle cream brand that can do it all in one.Handling issues and inoperative customer support

Matrixyl is not the best ingredient to increase production of Collagen.

Revitol Anti Aging Kit Reviews

Click here to Visit Revitol Anti Aging Kit Official Website


The verdict on my Revitol Anti Aging Kit Reviews

In my in this specific product review it is clear that Revitol works.  There is a slight problem with the customer support but other than that the product is a good buy.  At $99.95 and with a 90 day money back guarantee it is certainly not a bad deal.For you to simply avoid auto shipment so that you won’t be annoyed by their customer support my advice in this Revitol Anti Aging Kit Reviews .