Pure Lift Ultra Reviews


Read my Pure Lift Ultra Review and decide if it is true that this wrinkle cream is a scam as claimed by some users. Pure lift ultra promises to erase signs of aging, reduce age spots and get rid of any unwanted blemishes. It also claims that it can be a great substitute for Botox injections and facelifts.

As we know, Botox injection is no longer the best way to combat wrinkles because of its painful and very expensive procedure.

Below are the numbers of claims I’ve found out in my Pure lift Ultra Review

Pure Lift Ultra ReviewPure Lift Ultra claims to give you the same effect of Botox injections without being very expensive and with no the risks involve that you may have to face through Botox injections.

It also claims that it can give you an immediate effect which can make your skin youthful in no time.

Pure Lift Ultra have ingredients like marine collagen, peptides that can promote collagen production and argireline which can help strengthen the collagen in the skin.

What can I say about the claims?

First, I don’t believe that there is a product other than LifeCell that can be a Botox substitute. LifeCell even claims that it can only be an alternative but will not totally give you the same result as what Botox injections can.

I even found out in my Pure Lift Ultra Review that the product’s method of fighting aging is through collagen addition and regeneration. Theoretically this is good but it is very difficult when applied. The pores in the skin are so tiny that it would be next to impossible, if not impossible, for marine collagen to penetrate.

The next is it claims to give instantaneous result. I don’t think it can. If you are trying to manipulate collagen production to reduce wrinkles it should take some time. Collagen won’t sprout in our skin like magic. It needs to grow and multiply therefore time is essential.

In my Pure Lift Ultra Review Review I ask around a good number of users. So what can they say about the product?

Some say that it helped moisturize their skin. Experts say it can help get rid of free radicals. A few says that it did have some good effects and their fine lines and wrinkles were reduced.

However, a huge number of consumers say that they are not satisfied with the product’s result. Worse, there have been a lot of complaints about the product’s free trial offer. Many who complained said that they were charged and the free trial is a scam.

My opinion

Pure Lift Ultra ReviewLet’s assume that the product can indeed eliminate wrinkles. Would it be worth if we give it a try? I am fond of free trial offers and I may say yes. The problem is if there have been lots of reports that the free trial is a scam, chances are it might be true. So, personally I won’t give it a shot.

Anyway, most wrinkle creams can eliminate wrinkles and most are not as expensive compared to Pure Ultra Lift. And, the instantaneous effect while trying to manipulate collagen production is just way off. It is just so hyped up. If you want to try a proven free trial offer try LifeCell’s offer instead. I am sure that they will not charge your credit card and I am sure that you won’t return the LifeCell’s jar because it is the most effective anti wrinkle cream in my opinion. I hope you’ve learned something from my Pure Lift Ultra Review.