Neutrogena Anti wrinkle Cream


Have you heard about Neutrogena Anti wrinkle Cream? Reviewers say that it is one of the most effective anti aging treatment today. I got the time to check out the product so I did.

How can Neutrogena anti wrinkle cream erase wrinkles?

Neutragena Anti Wrinkle CreamI guess the word “erase” is not the proper term to use when we refer to the product’s effectiveness. It is more of a prevention type of anti wrinkle rather than a cure. I am not trying to refer to wrinkles as some kind of diseases but the point is we are trying to get rid of it.

Neutrogena uses retinol; it is a kind of Vitamin A, which can help soften the fine lines of wrinkles. But according to skin experts, if you only have the vitamin A to fight against wrinkles, it can’t eliminate it thoroughly.


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What are the advantages and disadvantages of Neutrogena anti wrinkle cream?

The Advantages

The product contains vitamin A which is a proven substance to help reduce wrinkles. It also contains Neutrogena Anti Wrinkle Creamantioxidants to give your skin a healthy glow.

It is very affordable. Most retinol creams cost so much you would think twice of using it. But for Neutrogena anti wrinkle cream, it will only cost you around $14. It is a great deal for a moisturizer.

The product is also fragrance free. It is comfortable on the skin and it is proven not to cause any harmful side effects.


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The Disadvantage

This product does not contain a sunscreen. I consider sunscreen as an important element in any wrinkle cream brands. This is also the reason why I haven’t tried this product because of the lack of ingredients.

If a wrinkle cream does not have a sunscreen, there is no way it would be used effectively during the day. As we all know, UV is one major factor why we have wrinkles. If we Neutrogena can’t protect our face under the scorching heat of the sun, I suggest you have to look for other wrinkle cream brands.

Most experts consider Neutrogena a night cream. They say that it is still effective just don’t use it during the day. Matter of fact, Retinol creams cost twice or thrice the price of Neutrogena so obviously you can still afford to buy different wrinkle cream during the day.

They are suggesting this because they believe the Retinol is one of the most important elements to fight against wrinkles. And, you can only get it at a low price if you buy the Neutrogena brand.


Neutrogena Anti Wrinkle Cream

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What is my verdict?

Having compared the price and the overall quality, I think that the product is not the anti wrinkle cream that you need. It can be used as an add on but never as the main solution. We can still use it every night but we have to use a different anti wrinkle during the day.

Like you can combine it with LifeCell and strictly use Neutrogena Anti wrinkle cream during the night so you can maximize the retinol element that it has.