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If you think that using anti aging face creams will already save you from looking old, you are so wrong you have to read my Dermology reviews to find out why.  Us women, has to give extra effort and time to look young all throughout.  I have created this review to help you prevent another occurrence that happens in our body as we age.

Many women, most especially those who have given birth are really having hard time getting rid of their stretch marks.  And for most women I know, they say that it is almost impossible to do so.

What did I found out about the product's method in my Dermology reviews?

Dermology Reviews

In my review, I found out that the product works in two ways.  It can be used for prevention and cure. However, experts advice that it is best used while you are pregnant.  This is so because removing existing stretch marks can be a long process but it can be done with Dermology stretch mark cream.

While doing my research for my Dermology reviews, I found out that this is the only product that can give you the effectiveness and value.  It has the ingredients that other creams don’t have.

Dermology’s ingredients

  • Aloe Vera – this plant is an organic skin moisturizer and it can help speed up healing.
  • Vitamin A – this is known to treat cancer and most popularly known to lighten up the skin.
  • Vitamin E – it helps fight the signs of skin aging and it works well with Vitamin A.
  • Vitamin D3- it works to revive the skin.  A very effective ingredient when it comes to stretch mark treatment.
  • Squalene Oil- This element can soften the skin and protect it from the harsh environment.



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Does the product work?

However, according to most customer testimonials, Dermology won’t erase or remove the stretch mark.  Most customers say that by using the product for about three months, it did lighten up their skin, making their stretch mark seem invisible.

But there are some who said that it did erase their stretch mark.  I think this is a case of varying skin types.  Also, during pregnancy, some women may have a bigger belly compared with the other pregnant women causing their skin to be more stretched.


What are the advantages and disadvantages that I have unearthed in this Dermology reviews?


You’ll have a firmer, healthier skin. Dermology Reviews

Designed to make your skin more flexible to protect against stretch mark

Revives the skinIt doesn’t contain harmful chemicals

It allows the skin to produce more collagen and elastin




Results vary because of skin types

No free shipping

Dermology Reviews

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Bottom line

We definitely need the best anti stretch mark cream after and during pregnancy.  In my this review, I have discovered another product that can help you with your skin problem.

It may not be able to totally remove the stretch mark in your body but it can help you make your stretch marks less visible.

This will help you decide whether you want to use the product as solution instead of paying for the expensive and painful surgery to remove your stretch mark my Dermology reviews.