Best Anti Aging Skin Care Products – Should They Always Be Expensive?


It is a fact – the more we spent on our beauty routine, the better we look! I bet that at least 99% of women on a planet share this theory. In addition, we are confident that we spent money rationalize on luxury skin care products, top of the line anti aging wrinkle creams, serums etc. etc.

This fundamental truth is a good excuse for us when we are looking for the “best skin care product” – best usually means expensive! However, is it really?

Of course it is always depends on our budget. If one can easily drop hundreds of bucks on eye cream, others would feel immoral to do the same.


How much is too much?

Sometimes when we stay behind the shelves with a fancy new dream creams and treatments in front of us, we feel excited and stuck at the same time – $200 for anti aging cream – is it too much?

Even if we could afford it, do you remember such feelings – “Hm.. Maybe it would be better to buy something cheaper?” or “What if it wouldn’t work for me?” How much money we are ready to spend on our face?


The Most Expensive Cream In The World! Will This Do The Miracle?

According to case studies, women spent more on skin care treatments more than on healthy foods or workouts/gyms. Sociologists say, in USA women spent $7 billion on cosmetics annually! It’s more than $100 per each woman!

Do you know that the most expensive cream costs $13 thousands per 1.76 ounces?! «La Crème» manufactured by Japan’s Cle De Peau Beaute company is more expensive than gold, but the question is still the same – can the most expensive treatments make our skin looks best?

For example, Kate Middleton spends about $5k per year on skin care treatments, is it too much? Would she look worse if she had spent less?


Perfect Skin? Routine, Routine, Routine

Let’s be frank! Even the best of the best anti aging cream/serum even for million dollars will do nothing alone. Skin care it is always a complex. Every woman knows that her beauty is hidden behind the everyday routine – cleansers, peelings, moisturizers, sunscreens and so on..

And anti aging cream is just one little step in the ongoing war for beauty. Every jar from our skin care arsenal should work to refine and improve the quality of our skin, smooth away wrinkles, reduce eye puffiness, dark circles, be effective at hydrating, reduce fine lines, crow’s feet, diminish visible pores – do the miracle in a word.

The best present you can do for your skin is to keep treating it every day (and night of course!).


Intelligent Investments Always Pay Off

Sometimes we think that we cannot spend money on anti aging products because they are too expensive but stop and think again, make very sure you got a return on that kind of investment!

Maybe you will not look 10 years younger, and your face will not suddenly transform to Miranda Kerr’s face or other Victoria’s Secret angels, but good skin care products can do much more for you – keep your skin healthy, protect it from the UV rays, reduce the risk of skin cancer, moisturize your skin as well as protect you from many skin problems.

The results after 3 or 4 weeks might not be dramatically visible, but the light difference in your skin tone, de-puffed eyes, shorter lines – all of this will be more significant for each woman I guess.

You didn’t necessary look younger but you will definitely look softer, radiate freshness and feel better because you’re doing something good for yourself.


Are Luxury Anti Aging Skincare Products Actually Better?

perfect skin RoutineSo, should we buy expensive anti aging skin care products? Are they always better than cheap analogs? Not always, but more likely you’ll be more satisfied with the results than disappointed.

Cheap creams from the local market will never make you feel like a celebrity. You’ll not die without day cream or anti wrinkle eye cream for $200 but you will see the transformation and will never get the same result if you’d continue to use your no name cream.

I’m pretty sure that it is always possible to make it a rule and spend a certain amount of money on skin care products monthly and at the same time keep your frugality sense intact.

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