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Read my Dermajuv review and find out if the product really works. With so many anti wrinkle creams out there, one product stands out among the rest. A number of skin experts consider Dermajuv as the best way to get rid of wrinkles and prevent it from reappearing again.

In my Dermajuv review there are three key ingredients that I have encountered.

Dermajuv ReviewThese ingredients are Matrixyl, Sesaflash and Revonage. As we age our body declines to produce new cells to replace the dead cells. The new cells that should replace the dead cells are called fibroblasts.

Since our skin cannot produce the needed new cells, the creators of Dermajuv used Revonage and Matrixyl to stimulate the process of cell regeneration in our skin. The main contribution of Matrixyl is to produce the necessary collagen. Once the fibroblast is renewed we should start getting a more youthful look.

The third key ingredient is the Sesaflash. It greatly helps in skin tightening and rejuvenation.

Here’s how you can apply the product, this is according to the research I did for my Dermajuv review.

The first cream that you have to apply is the smoothing cream. This is one that has the matrixyl elementDermajuv Review which should start to renew your dead skin cells. It has to be applied for the first 2 days.

On the third day, you will have to apply the face lift cream and the age defying cream. These creams contain Revonage and Sesaflash. The two key ingredients will tighten your newly shaped skin.

Here are the Advantages and Disadvantages that I have listed for my Dermajuv Review.


You can literally see and feel the improvement in your skin complexion and smoothness.

It can minimize pores and erase spots, depending on how long you’ve been using it

The manipulation of collagen and fibroblasts will prevent reappearance of wrinkles

There is a thirty day money back guarantee

It has a limited offer that can save you around $100


The manipulation of DNA is a bit risky. There is a possible side effect in the future. It is still under constant observation though.

You have to follow the pattern of application religiously or else it won’t give the desired effect

It is not an all in one cream which means more effort is needed to apply.

My conclusion

In my Dermajuv Review, the fact is Dermajuv works. There have been many customers who are satisfied with the product. But in my opinion, I still have some doubts on whether it is truthfully the answer to anti wrinkle cream solution.

For some reason, I don’t want to try a wrinkle cream that might pose a danger in the long run. Since the product is not yet proven 100% safe to work on our skin. Also, the price is just too much. Without the discount, this wrinkle cream can cost more than $200.

I have been using LifeCell and it only cost $185 for four month’s use and it is already an all in one wrinkle cream solution. However, if you can take the risk and pay the expensive cost of Dermajuv, you can always give it a try. I am giving the product thumbs up in effectiveness but not in overall value in my Dermajuv Review.


Check out my SK-II Signs Review and know why most users of this eye cream are not satisfied. The product boasts about its effectiveness. It claims that it would not only rid off the under eye dark lines and puffiness but it will also focus the above eye area which can give a natural glowing eyes effect.

Comparable to most wrinkle and eye creams, SK-II Signs claims to have the most advanced ingredients when it comes to skin care treatment. However, the bitter truth is most of these wrinkle creams don’t work as advertised.

Effectiveness and reliability should go hand in hand. But some wrinkle creams can give you the youthful look in the first months of use but in the following months it simply declines its effects. And some just doesn’t have any effects on the skin.

In my SK-II Signs Review I will also uncover if the product is just like any other wrinkle cream products out there or if it does stay truthful to its claims and be considered reliable.

These are the key ingredients found in my SK-II Signs Review:SK-II Signs Review

  1. Active Sirtuin
  2. Power ProteActive
  3. Pitera

The first two ingredients carry out its rejuvenating and anti aging effects while the third, which is an organic element found in yeasts, should take care of skin’s self-healing and moisturizing.

Other than these not so known ingredients, the product fails to explain how these three key ingredients should work hand in hand in the process of reducing wrinkles.

What are the Pros and Cons found in these SK-II Signs Review?


It can help protect and moisturize your skin

Has a money back guarantee


Ingredients are not yet scientifically proven to be effective

It seems that it is just like any other wrinkle creams though it says otherwise

Testimonials from customers are not very appealing

It can only be ordered online

The site doesn’t accept PayPal Payment

My overall assessment on SK-II Signs

I think it is just like any other wrinkle cream product out there that spends too much on their advertisement so customers will be convinced to buy. Looking at the price of it, which is around $90 to $110 per jar, it is more expensive than the wrinkle creams which have been around for some time and are proven to work.

Some wrinkle creams I know costs only around $50 to $70 per jar and it could give the same effect. MostSK-II Signs Review customers say that SK-II Signs is not that effective after all.

I believe that the reasons behind its ineffectual nature are the new ingredients that comprise the product. I have been using wrinkle creams for some time now and I am quite familiar with any ingredients found in each bottle or jar. And to tell you the truth, I haven’t yet encountered the ingredients used in SK-II Signs.

They may be new but I don’t think that those ingredients are advanced at all. Advanced means, in wrinkle creams lingo, that it should give an extra effect. It should be two steps ahead when compared to “ordinary” wrinkle creams.

Should I recommend this product?  It is evident that the product is ordinary and it is rather expensive so it is better to pass on trying out SK-II Signs Iin my SK-II Signs Review.


Read my Pure Lift Ultra Review and decide if it is true that this wrinkle cream is a scam as claimed by some users. Pure lift ultra promises to erase signs of aging, reduce age spots and get rid of any unwanted blemishes. It also claims that it can be a great substitute for Botox injections and facelifts.

As we know, Botox injection is no longer the best way to combat wrinkles because of its painful and very expensive procedure.

Below are the numbers of claims I’ve found out in my Pure lift Ultra Review

Pure Lift Ultra ReviewPure Lift Ultra claims to give you the same effect of Botox injections without being very expensive and with no the risks involve that you may have to face through Botox injections.

It also claims that it can give you an immediate effect which can make your skin youthful in no time.

Pure Lift Ultra have ingredients like marine collagen, peptides that can promote collagen production and argireline which can help strengthen the collagen in the skin.

What can I say about the claims?

First, I don’t believe that there is a product other than LifeCell that can be a Botox substitute. LifeCell even claims that it can only be an alternative but will not totally give you the same result as what Botox injections can.

I even found out in my Pure Lift Ultra Review that the product’s method of fighting aging is through collagen addition and regeneration. Theoretically this is good but it is very difficult when applied. The pores in the skin are so tiny that it would be next to impossible, if not impossible, for marine collagen to penetrate.

The next is it claims to give instantaneous result. I don’t think it can. If you are trying to manipulate collagen production to reduce wrinkles it should take some time. Collagen won’t sprout in our skin like magic. It needs to grow and multiply therefore time is essential.

In my Pure Lift Ultra Review Review I ask around a good number of users. So what can they say about the product?

Some say that it helped moisturize their skin. Experts say it can help get rid of free radicals. A few says that it did have some good effects and their fine lines and wrinkles were reduced.

However, a huge number of consumers say that they are not satisfied with the product’s result. Worse, there have been a lot of complaints about the product’s free trial offer. Many who complained said that they were charged and the free trial is a scam.

My opinion

Pure Lift Ultra ReviewLet’s assume that the product can indeed eliminate wrinkles. Would it be worth if we give it a try? I am fond of free trial offers and I may say yes. The problem is if there have been lots of reports that the free trial is a scam, chances are it might be true. So, personally I won’t give it a shot.

Anyway, most wrinkle creams can eliminate wrinkles and most are not as expensive compared to Pure Ultra Lift. And, the instantaneous effect while trying to manipulate collagen production is just way off. It is just so hyped up. If you want to try a proven free trial offer try LifeCell’s offer instead. I am sure that they will not charge your credit card and I am sure that you won’t return the LifeCell’s jar because it is the most effective anti wrinkle cream in my opinion. I hope you’ve learned something from my Pure Lift Ultra Review.


We will find out in my Strivectin Review if the product is indeed “better than botox”. Strivectin is one of the many products that claim to be a botox substitute. But is there really a substitute for botox? Or are those products claming to be botox substitute are mere scams?

What is botox?

Strivectin ReviewI’ll define botox as a quick expensive fix. Botox injection can truly erase wrinkles, furrow lines and smooth over fine lines. You need to have around $300-$1000 to have this done.

There is one problem with quick fixes; it doesn’t last long. This is why botox is only popular amongst the rich because they can afford to go back to have another round of injection once the wrinkles starts to appear again.

The bottom line if you choose botox injection to erase wrinkles is you need to have $300 – $1000 for each repeated treatment.

This is why “botox substitute” creams are very popular. The only problem is these creams are not effective according to experts. There is just no substitute to botox, as they say.

What can my Strivectin Review add to this “botox substitute” controversy?

As I have found out in my Strivectin review, the product itself did not claim that it is a botox substitute. The users of the product claimed that it works miracles. But it never came from the manufacturers themselves.

My point is the product is not created to be in fact a “botox substitute”. As it may appear, Strivectin happenedStrivectin Review to be a wrinkle cream by chance.

Strivectin is actually a stretch mark cream. But during the lab test, these creams were marked as “topical cream” when it was passed around. What eventually happened is people thought that they received a moisturizer instead of a stretch mark cream.

They applied it over their faces and after a week or two these people reported that there have been very good results. The stretch marks were not removed (since they’ve never used it anyway as a stretch mark cream) but their wrinkles vanished.

There goes the story of Strivectin.

What are the Pros and Cons in my Strivectin Review?


The product has a money back guarantee

Available online and on some department stores

Proven to work


Some users say that it is heavily scented

No free trial offer

It is not originally created as a wrinkle cream

The product claims to generate collagen but it was never explained in their website


There was a study conducted on how effective the product is. It got more than ninety percent satisfaction rate. In my opinion, the product works and it can do wonders.

The thing is I am not fond of using creams which I don’t know what kind of ingredients or compound is doing the job. Honestly, I don’t like the sound of it as a “coincidental anti wrinkle cream”.

Also, the price is a bit costly, it is around $99 to $180 depending on which country you buy it. Overall, I can still recommend the product since it didn’t have bad reports such as scams and side effects. I hope you’ve learned something in my Strivectin review.


Almost eighty percent of customers who bought hydroderm are complaining about the products effectiveness. I have written this hydroderm review to evaluate the product’s effectiveness along with its cost. This review will also try to analyze if the product is a scam since many customers think that they have been scammed.

What is Hydroderm?

HydrodermThis product promises to remove your wrinkles through their advanced formula known as “VyoSerum”. “VyoSerum” is simply the process wherein collagen molecule is directly delivered through the skin to erase your wrinkles.

Well, that is how it is suppose to work. But I am not quite sure if it is effective. I have ask a few people in the forum I have attended if the product works, most of them say that it does not do so as advertised

What I am sure about is that majority of the reason why we have wrinkles is because of the lack of collagen production in our skin. The collagen production simply lessens as we age. It is just nature’s way of telling us that we are aging.

One possibility that the process called “VyoSerum”, as popularized by the makers of hydroderm, won’t work is because the pores of our skin are very small. If the ingredients of the product can’t penetrate the deep areas of the skin, the collagen can’t help that much.

How should the product work?

It should tighten your skin and bring moisture to your skin. It should also erase your wrinkles by directly adding collagen into your skin. The key problem is the creators of the product might not have found a way to deliver the manufactured collagen efficiently into the skin. So, most users say that it doesn’t work.

What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Hydroderm?


Some users say that it made their skin smoother

Some say that they felt the instantaneous tightening of the eye area

There is a 30 day trial


A large number of users are not satisfied

There have been so many customer service issues

Some say the 30 day trial is not free after all

At $79 the product is considered expensive

It just won’t do what it promises to do

Is it a scam?

Although there have been reports about the 30 day trial issue. I can’t conclude that the product is a total scam since there are also customers who did receive their money back after they returned the product.

I think it is more of a customer service issue rather than totally ripping off people. But in any case, it is not good.


HydrodermThere are a lot of wrinkle creams in the market today that may only cost around $40 to $50 and it could the same result. There is nothing fascinating about the product so it is better to use a cheaper and more popular face creams

If there are issues related to the money back guarantee offer of this product, you might as well pass on this offer. Try other brands that have no reported issues and no controversies involve. I just feel that is not worth it trying Hydroderm.


Skin experts say that wrinkle creams don’t work and anti wrinkle serum is the true answer for anti aging. They concluded that moisturizers can slow down the effectiveness of wrinkle creams because it has low end ingredients. On the other hand, anti wrinkle serums are believed to have a more potent and effective ingredient which can penetrate the skin efficiently.

What is a serum?

Anti wrinkle serum

Serum is a yellowish crystal liquid that is a fraction of the plasma. As we know, plasma comprises %45 of our blood. It has been studied that serum is responsible for elastin and collagen production. Therefore, with enough serum our wrinkles can vanish.

What are the popular brands of anti wrinkle serum?

There are many brands if you want to use a serum instead of creams. However, there is a lot of scam related to serum. Also, there have been reported side effects. This might have been caused by the extra strong ingredients that these kinds of anti wrinkle product have.

For that reason, you have to be extra careful when choosing the brand to use.

Popular brands and usually trusted by the consumers are: Prototype #37-c, Renuvie anti wrinkle concentrate, and Dermavexin. Although, a lot more expensive than the other two serum, my friends suggests that you use the prototype #37-c because according to them it produces the fastest result.

How much would an anti wrinkle serum cost?

Usually it ranges from $125 – $279.99. Renuvie and Dermavexin usually costs $125 – $149. Prototype #37-c is $279.99 but you can find a $149 price for Prototype #37-c online.

Have I tried using a serum?

Anti wrinkle serumNo. I have been using wrinkle creams for 5 years now. Although I have been switching brands occasionally, I believed that I already found the perfect brand for me. I’ve just discovered a few months ago.

In fairness to anti aging serum, I believe that the product works. I have not tried it ever since because the price is just too much for me. I have been in some financial difficulties before so I settled down using anti wrinkle serum to help manage my skin.

Think about it, at $125 price (this is the cheapest) you still have to buy other products like moisturizers, lip plumper and so on. It is just too much. Wrinkle creams on the other hand can only cost you around $50 to $65.



What brand am I using?

I have been using wrinkle creams that would cost me only $55 before. But I switched brand after I tried LifeCell’s 30 day free trial. LifeCell just gave me the result I wanted so kept using it. It is actually more expensive compared to other wrinkle creams. But at $189 for four months, and it is an all in one anti aging cream, I guess it is in fact giving me more value and overall effectiveness.Anti wrinkle serum

I think anti wrinkle serum and anti wrinkle creams are just the same after all. At the end of the day of the day, you still have to decide what kind of product is friendly to your skin.


There has been so much buzz about anti wrinkle products including anti wrinkle cream Olay. For one, there have been many brands that won’t give you the anti aging effect you wanted. Another reason is some brands that work are very expensive. In this article, I am going to see what can Olay do for us.

Anti wrinkle cream Olay promises to give you all your anti aging needs. One line of Olay anti aging cream assures us that at a very affordable price ($29.99), it can do what other skin gurus are selling which normally costs around $200.

Can anti wrinkle cream Olay really do the job?

I have checked all of Olay’s products and they are indeed affordable. If compared with the top of the line wrinkle creams, Olay will stand out in terms of the price.

IAnti Wrinkle Cream Olay test out some of the products like Olay Anti Wrinkle Cream, Olay Definity Self Repair Serum, Olay Regenerist Daily Regenerating Serum and Olay Anti Aging ProX and I don’t think that it can compete with the famous anti wrinkle creams like Kolagen Intensiv, Dermagist, and most specially LifeCell.

For one, if you can take time to look at the ingredients of the Olay products, it will show that it is not as potent and as advanced when compared to the top brands in anti wrinkle.

Since I am not a fan of the Olay line, I ask around some skin experts and friends regarding how does Olay work.

One skin expert disclosed that almost all the Olay line is just like moisturizers. They can make your skin soft but it can never put away wrinkles. If it actually does, it may take some time.

Also, wrinkles seem to appear again even if you are continuously using the product.

One friend of mine said that she bought Olay Professional. She has been using it for 8 weeks but there is no visible result. And, 8 weeks is what she was promised that she should be seeing the result in that span of time.

And to her dismay, one of the Olay Club member suggested that she should buy the other line of Olay like Olay regenerist for the product to be effective.

What can I say about anti wrinkle cream Olay?

To be fair with the product line, I only ask around a few people who have used Olay. Some users of Olay might have been satisfied with the result. And, what could you really ask for if you look for cheaper brands?

Well, you have to pay for something that works. It is just the way it is. If you want a more effective product, you can try Revitol skin care line. But then again it works like Olay. You have to buy the complete line. In other words, you will not only spend $29.99 you have to multiply it by five or six for you to get the idea on howAnti Wrinkle Cream Olay much you would be spending.

I don’t use Olay or Revitol and never will. I use LifeCell, although it seems expensive for $189 but I use it for four months and it is an all in one anti aging cream.

If you will compare the prices and the overall value, you find out that LifeCell is not that expensive compared to anti wrinkle cream Olay.


Are you overwhelmed by loads of anti wrinkle products that promise to give you the best result? Matter of fact, there are numerous wrinkle creams in the market that are only full of promises but it won’t give you the result you wanted.

Anti aging nowadays has become a profit market for marketers. They continue on creating products that the sole purpose is for them to earn lots of money. They will invest on advertisement and they will try to earn your trust. In the end, they earn but you get nothing in return.

The biggest problem of this pathetic cycle is, they will not only take your money but in some cases you might get some allergies or side effects on those products. It often happens because of the lack of research and lack of effort to make an effective anti aging solution.

What can we do on our end?

Even though we have the money to burn, we still have to be aware of the quality products out there. There are products that are full of hype and most of them are scams. Now, if we take a closer look, we can definitely find the one that works.

Close your ears on those ads. It would be better if you can check on honest reviews about certain anti wrinkle creams and it would be wise if you can check on the reorder rates.

Personally, I always check on the reorder rates more. Logically, it will let you know the ratio of happy customers to unsatisfied customers. So, if you notice a product which has numerous reorders, chances are that product works and you have to give it a try.

What are the best anti wrinkle products?

The top three products should be; LifeCell, Kolagen intensive and Dermajuv ( now known as Dermagist). Kolagen Intensive promises to give you permanent result after 84 days of continuous usage. Dermajuv or Dermagist promises to give you results in 5 days. While LifeCell promises to give you results on the first application.

Amid all the anti wrinkle products, which product is the best for me?Anti Wrinkle Products

I am using LifeCell and obviously it is my choice. To be honest, I was very hesitant in trying the product. Their ad that says your wrinkles will be gone in 17 seconds just seems so hyped up. The other reason is the price; it is very expensive compared to other anti wrinkle products.

Why did I try the product?

LifeCell has lots of reorder rate. More importantly, it offers a 30 day risk free trial. All you have to do is qualify Anti Wrinkle Productsyour credit card and they will send you one jar of LifeCell. You don’t have to worry because LifeCell is not a scam and they will not charge your credit. Your credit card company might let you know about the charge but they won’t draft it until the trial period is over.

LifeCell gave me the result I wanted so I kept using it. About the 17 second result, it is true. Try it, it is risk free and it delivers results. Lastly, concerning the price, it is rather cheap because it is an all in one cream which means I no longer have to buy three or four more anti wrinkle products.


Men would hate to admit this but they too are looking for the best mens anti wrinkle cream. Just as we age the men also need to find a good wrinkle cream because they hate to look old. At the age of thirty, men will start seeing small shadows of wrinkles under their eye area.

Will the wrinkle creams for women work on men as well? Or do they need to have a wrinkle cream specifically created for their skin?

According to experts there are anti wrinkle cream products for men. These products are created to perfectly work for men’s skin. There are top of the line products available in the market.

But there are experts who disagree on this idea. They said that there are wrinkle creams for women that are potent enough to help men get rid of their wrinkles.

What is the behind mens anti wrinkle cream products?

Actually there is one Mens anti wrinkle cream that was so hyped up before. It is called anti aging formula. It is said to specifically work on men’s skin. If the first assumption is correct then this product should work. Mens Anti Wrinkle CreamHowever, there are many reports that the product did not work out.

For some it did but many have been dismayed. Most of them say that it only worked like a moisturizer. That is all it can offer.

On the other hand, some experts say that Dermajuv (known now as Dermagist), a popular anti wrinkle cream for women, can be an effective anti wrinkle cream for men. Unfortunately, most men who tried it are not satisfied with the result.

Two scenarios seemed not to work for men. If they try a “mens anti wrinkle cream” chances are it won’t work and if they try a woman’s anti wrinkle cream it won’t also work because of the differing skin types.

The Mens anti wrinkle cream that truly works

I think there is one product that would work for men and women. I am talking about LifeCell. I have been using LifeCell for many months now and my husband is also using it as well.

We are happy to say that it worked for both of us. LifeCell has the more advanced ingredients. It even has an ingredient which is a botox substitute.

My husband considered LifeCell as his anti wrinkle solution because it gives fast result. Although, the first phase of LifeCell works like an optical illusion since it has a crystal like ingredient which can erase thefMens Anti Wrinkle Cream shadow of the wrinkle but not the wrinkle itself.

However there is a second phase, this is the permanent one. It will eventually erase deep lines and wrinkles. The purpose of the first phase is only for you to look young instantly.

The creators of LifeCell know that we are already tired of waiting for the result so they’ve come up with a smart idea.

LifeCell is somewhat expensive, I have to admit that, but if it effectively works for men I won’t mind the price. Also, it is an all in one product so you no longer have to buy moisturizers and other fancy stuff that won’t eventually work. So, be man enough and try LifeCell, they offer a 30 day free trial. I would greatly recommend that you take advantage of it since you really have nothing to lose. You might just find the mens anti wrinkle cream.


Most anti aging or natural anti wrinkle creams don’t work. So people are turning back again on the organic side of anti aging. But can it really do the job? Will the organic methods turn back the time?

I have been doing researches and buying the anti wrinkle solutions for years so I can look younger than my age. I have even tried natural anti wrinkle solutions. Sad to say, it just won’t do the job.

If I have to state the obvious, doing exercises regularly and eating vegetables can help us feel young but it won’t help us look young.

But why am I still using some natural anti wrinkle like bananas, honey and coconut oil?

These products work for more as a detoxifying element. Like for example, before I sleep I use to mash Natural Anti Wrinklecouple of bananas then apply it over my face and let it sit there for about 25 to 30 minutes. And after I rinse it, I do feel cleaner before I go to bed.

You can also use honey and coconut oil as well. Do the same process (except the mashing part), apply it and let it sit there for about 30 minutes then rinse.

Just remember to wash your face with warm water before the application so that your pores will open up. After you’ve rinsed your face with warm water, it is also important if you can rub an ice cube over your face so that your pores will close leaving the active ingredients inside

the skin.

Can natural anti wrinkle solutions be our substitute for anti aging products?

Natural Anti WrinkleI’ve learned this from my grandmother and it sure it worked for her before. But if you think that organic anti wrinkle can be a substitute for anti aging products, then you are wrong. The anti wrinkle products have ingredients that are combined to really help erase the wrinkles.

There are products that work and there are products which are scam. All you have to do is look for the product which can do the job for you. For anti wrinkle, there are two names that are on top of the list; LifeCell and Kolagen Intensiv.

I am using LifeCell so I have to talk more about it since I have already seen the result. But for you to have some kind of an idea of what Kolagen Intensiv does, I am going to tell you something about it. Its method is to increase the Collagen production in your skin so that your wrinkles will vanish. Many reviews say that it works great but the downside is it takes some time.

LifeCell on the other hand works like magic. It is not hype. It works like magic because the first phase of its effects is like its creating an illusion. It has these tiny crystals that seem to erase your wrinkles in seconds.Natural Anti Wrinkle But the truth is, it just erases the shadow.

But you don’t have to worry much because it can really erase your deep line and wrinkles after a few days of using it. Matter of fact it has an ingredient that is a botox alternative. It is just my choice because I like to look younger right away, even if it is only like an illusion or “magic”.

So if you are after the results, try the product that I recommend. If you want to go organic, try my natural anti wrinkle.