Is Anti wrinkle serum the true solution for anti aging?


Skin experts say that wrinkle creams don’t work and anti wrinkle serum is the true answer for anti aging. They concluded that moisturizers can slow down the effectiveness of wrinkle creams because it has low end ingredients. On the other hand, anti wrinkle serums are believed to have a more potent and effective ingredient which can penetrate the skin efficiently.

What is a serum?

Anti wrinkle serum

Serum is a yellowish crystal liquid that is a fraction of the plasma. As we know, plasma comprises %45 of our blood. It has been studied that serum is responsible for elastin and collagen production. Therefore, with enough serum our wrinkles can vanish.

What are the popular brands of anti wrinkle serum?

There are many brands if you want to use a serum instead of creams. However, there is a lot of scam related to serum. Also, there have been reported side effects. This might have been caused by the extra strong ingredients that these kinds of anti wrinkle product have.

For that reason, you have to be extra careful when choosing the brand to use.

Popular brands and usually trusted by the consumers are: Prototype #37-c, Renuvie anti wrinkle concentrate, and Dermavexin. Although, a lot more expensive than the other two serum, my friends suggests that you use the prototype #37-c because according to them it produces the fastest result.

How much would an anti wrinkle serum cost?

Usually it ranges from $125 – $279.99. Renuvie and Dermavexin usually costs $125 – $149. Prototype #37-c is $279.99 but you can find a $149 price for Prototype #37-c online.

Have I tried using a serum?

Anti wrinkle serumNo. I have been using wrinkle creams for 5 years now. Although I have been switching brands occasionally, I believed that I already found the perfect brand for me. I’ve just discovered a few months ago.

In fairness to anti aging serum, I believe that the product works. I have not tried it ever since because the price is just too much for me. I have been in some financial difficulties before so I settled down using anti wrinkle serum to help manage my skin.

Think about it, at $125 price (this is the cheapest) you still have to buy other products like moisturizers, lip plumper and so on. It is just too much. Wrinkle creams on the other hand can only cost you around $50 to $65.



What brand am I using?

I have been using wrinkle creams that would cost me only $55 before. But I switched brand after I tried LifeCell’s 30 day free trial. LifeCell just gave me the result I wanted so kept using it. It is actually more expensive compared to other wrinkle creams. But at $189 for four months, and it is an all in one anti aging cream, I guess it is in fact giving me more value and overall effectiveness.Anti wrinkle serum

I think anti wrinkle serum and anti wrinkle creams are just the same after all. At the end of the day of the day, you still have to decide what kind of product is friendly to your skin.

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