Hydroderm Reviews


Almost eighty percent of customers who bought hydroderm are complaining about the products effectiveness. I have written this hydroderm review to evaluate the product’s effectiveness along with its cost. This review will also try to analyze if the product is a scam since many customers think that they have been scammed.

What is Hydroderm?

HydrodermThis product promises to remove your wrinkles through their advanced formula known as “VyoSerum”. “VyoSerum” is simply the process wherein collagen molecule is directly delivered through the skin to erase your wrinkles.

Well, that is how it is suppose to work. But I am not quite sure if it is effective. I have ask a few people in the forum I have attended if the product works, most of them say that it does not do so as advertised

What I am sure about is that majority of the reason why we have wrinkles is because of the lack of collagen production in our skin. The collagen production simply lessens as we age. It is just nature’s way of telling us that we are aging.

One possibility that the process called “VyoSerum”, as popularized by the makers of hydroderm, won’t work is because the pores of our skin are very small. If the ingredients of the product can’t penetrate the deep areas of the skin, the collagen can’t help that much.

How should the product work?

It should tighten your skin and bring moisture to your skin. It should also erase your wrinkles by directly adding collagen into your skin. The key problem is the creators of the product might not have found a way to deliver the manufactured collagen efficiently into the skin. So, most users say that it doesn’t work.

What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Hydroderm?


Some users say that it made their skin smoother

Some say that they felt the instantaneous tightening of the eye area

There is a 30 day trial


A large number of users are not satisfied

There have been so many customer service issues

Some say the 30 day trial is not free after all

At $79 the product is considered expensive

It just won’t do what it promises to do

Is it a scam?

Although there have been reports about the 30 day trial issue. I can’t conclude that the product is a total scam since there are also customers who did receive their money back after they returned the product.

I think it is more of a customer service issue rather than totally ripping off people. But in any case, it is not good.


HydrodermThere are a lot of wrinkle creams in the market today that may only cost around $40 to $50 and it could the same result. There is nothing fascinating about the product so it is better to use a cheaper and more popular face creams

If there are issues related to the money back guarantee offer of this product, you might as well pass on this offer. Try other brands that have no reported issues and no controversies involve. I just feel that is not worth it trying Hydroderm.

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