Strivectin Review


We will find out in my Strivectin Review if the product is indeed “better than botox”. Strivectin is one of the many products that claim to be a botox substitute. But is there really a substitute for botox? Or are those products claming to be botox substitute are mere scams?

What is botox?

Strivectin ReviewI’ll define botox as a quick expensive fix. Botox injection can truly erase wrinkles, furrow lines and smooth over fine lines. You need to have around $300-$1000 to have this done.

There is one problem with quick fixes; it doesn’t last long. This is why botox is only popular amongst the rich because they can afford to go back to have another round of injection once the wrinkles starts to appear again.

The bottom line if you choose botox injection to erase wrinkles is you need to have $300 – $1000 for each repeated treatment.

This is why “botox substitute” creams are very popular. The only problem is these creams are not effective according to experts. There is just no substitute to botox, as they say.

What can my Strivectin Review add to this “botox substitute” controversy?

As I have found out in my Strivectin review, the product itself did not claim that it is a botox substitute. The users of the product claimed that it works miracles. But it never came from the manufacturers themselves.

My point is the product is not created to be in fact a “botox substitute”. As it may appear, Strivectin happenedStrivectin Review to be a wrinkle cream by chance.

Strivectin is actually a stretch mark cream. But during the lab test, these creams were marked as “topical cream” when it was passed around. What eventually happened is people thought that they received a moisturizer instead of a stretch mark cream.

They applied it over their faces and after a week or two these people reported that there have been very good results. The stretch marks were not removed (since they’ve never used it anyway as a stretch mark cream) but their wrinkles vanished.

There goes the story of Strivectin.

What are the Pros and Cons in my Strivectin Review?


The product has a money back guarantee

Available online and on some department stores

Proven to work


Some users say that it is heavily scented

No free trial offer

It is not originally created as a wrinkle cream

The product claims to generate collagen but it was never explained in their website


There was a study conducted on how effective the product is. It got more than ninety percent satisfaction rate. In my opinion, the product works and it can do wonders.

The thing is I am not fond of using creams which I don’t know what kind of ingredients or compound is doing the job. Honestly, I don’t like the sound of it as a “coincidental anti wrinkle cream”.

Also, the price is a bit costly, it is around $99 to $180 depending on which country you buy it. Overall, I can still recommend the product since it didn’t have bad reports such as scams and side effects. I hope you’ve learned something in my Strivectin review.

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